Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

The plan was to get super cool pictures of us in our costumes, but Steve had so much trick or treating fun that he was really tired by the time he got home.

I didn't realize his eyes were closed, so I made him open them so we could take it again.

Teresa spent Halloween night taking a Spanish test, handing out candy, and watching The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with her mom. Steve went trick or treating/adventuring with Steve Stacey. They journeyed through strange lands and battled great foes on a glorious quest to find candy. They arrived home victorious.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Funness

This is our very first Halloween together as a married couple. Last night we carved pumpkins.

Steve, so utterly delighted to use his artistry on this orange dude.

Teresa, lacking in artistry, doing what she does best.

De-gutting the pumpkin! These pumpkins were disappointingly hardly filled with guts at all. Pretty much all the guts in this guy are in Teresa's mouth below.

We ended up trading pumpkins before we started carving because Steve had a cool idea for the long pumpkin.

The final results. Teresa's is on the left, Steve's on the right. Teresa's is a mustached snob dude and Steve's is a scary evil lady.

Then we decided to set them on fire to demonstrate our awesome power, though some might say it was a product of camera shake. Go with the cooler story.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So we've started a blog

Actually, I (Teresa) started the blog. Steve doesn't know about this yet and will probably say "We can make this ourselves, what are you doing?!?!" I know Steve could make a really cool web site for us where we could constantly update it. But I also know that he is extremely busy with Gashler Media and a million other projects, and he doesn't need another big project to juggle. As Steve's Aunt Carol (she feels very much like an aunt to me too) showed me some blogs by people in her family, I saw that it was a very good way to keep family and friends updated. Also, I realized Steve and I haven't taken many pictures of ourselves and this is a good way to force myself to do it. So, here we are.

Here's our lives in a nutshell. Our 1 year anniversary is coming close: Dec. 23rd. It's been an awesome year. We have absolutely too much fun together. We had a lovely wedding and reception thanks to so many wonderful family members and friends who did pretty much EVERYTHING for us. We would be nowhere without dear and loving family and friends. We had an awesome honeymoon adventure in California mainly thanks to Steve's Aunt Mavis and Uncle Park who let us stay at their house in Pebble Beach. We've still been honeymooning ever since.

We have been living in Provo. Steve received his Bachelors Degree in Digital Media this past April. I still have about a million years of school left. I'm trying out for the Media Music program at BYU this upcoming January and I really really hope to get in. Otherwise I'm minoring in Spanish and may make it my major. We decided to start up Gashler Media LLC in June. Our website is We do mainly wedding videography and photography. We do many other things and we have a recording studio, but the weddings are the only things bringing in money right now.

We are also an entertaining duo called Gashlaria. We both worked together at the Provo City Library doing Toddler Time and that was a lot of fun. Now I am still working their while Steve is putting all his time in Gashler Media. We have done a lot of puppetering and storytelling. Our website is We were invited to participate in the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival which was awesome. We hope to be super entertainers and movie makers in the future.

We're young and barely pulling through financially each month, but we're very happy. The support of all family and friends has been very nice and quite honestly we are very spoiled people.

Posted below are some of the few photos we have.