Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Differences Between Steve and Teresa

Who is older?
Steve by 4 years. We both went to Timpview High School, but he went from 1998-2001 and I went from 2001-2005. Talk about robbin' the grave!

Who is taller?
Steve is 5'8" and I am 5'5". I have never liked high heels, and now I have a great reason not the wear them :)

Who is smarter?
Hard to say. In High School, I graduated with honors and had a higher ACT score than Steve. But in College, Steve's GPA is better than mine and he even made it on the Deans List a few times. When it comes to street smarts, Steve wins. When it comes to math, I win. When it comes to who has made the least dumb mistakes, we both lose. I would have to say that if a wizard were looking for a smart apprentice and had to choose between me and Steve, he would choose Steve.

Who makes more money?
Steve brings in the bread working hard on the business. But I have helped out too. And believe me, it's hard to run a business.

Who is more emotional?
Me by a longshot. I cry so much that I've learned to produce tears for on stage purposes. Steve says that the only times his eyes water up is when he is watching a show where a hero overcomes evil, like Disney's Fantasmic.

Who is more picky?
Me. When it comes to food, Steve will eat anything. He is training me, though. Thanks to him, some foods I couldn't stand before I can gladly say I like. We are working on pickles and mushrooms right now. When it comes to buying things, I am not super picky in general, but compared to Steve, I am.

Who is cleaner?
Alas, we are both pig people. I wish one of us were clean to get the other in shape, but we both put it off. We've had incredibly clean moments, but overall don't have a very clean slate. We are working on that - and we vow to be changed people.

Who is the better cook?
I can conjure up some good things when closely following a recipe, but Steve has a gift of creating foods from scratch. He has had some disasters from experimenting, but all his yummy creations have made up for it. He has mastered the secret of the Arby's curly fry, and that has won my heart (and clogged it).

Who would be most likely to attend sporting events?
Me! I have always been a basketball and football enthusiast. Steve played football back in middle school, but can't stand watching sports. He'd rather play them. I used to have an all sports pass for BYU, but now that we're married, we haven't gone to any sporting events. I don't miss them too much, as I'd rather be with Steve.

Who has more clothes?
Steve! But he hates shopping...

Who is more cultured?
Steve grew up on cello, I
on piano. We both have dabbled at the idea of being a humanities major. We both love going to museums, plays, concerts, Renaissance fairs, etc. We both love trying ethnic food, though Steve is more willing to try some things than I am. We are both pretty well read on the classics. He has been to Europe and the Caribbean. I went to NYC. You be the judge.

Who is sillier?
Steve. Ask him to play dogs with you sometime.

Who is more responsible?
Me. I am the bill-payer and friendly reminder wife, though I'm certainly not close to perfect.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Moved!

So, we moved into a bigger place 2 weeks ago in South West Provo, thanks to Mara Ledezma. We love it here and want to invite friends to dinner, so don't be surprised if you receive an invite from us in the future.

Ariah loves having us read to her. She recently discovered how to open book pages herself, so she finds great joy in turning pages and looking at the pictures. She also likes to sink her little teeth (she's got 2 on the bottom now) into the hard pages.

Ariah hasn't shown any signs of being shy or unwilling to go into other people's arms. Infact, she usually greets everyone with a signature full-mouthed grin (unless she's hungry or tired). She has been laughing a lot lately. My mom commented that yesterday, when she was doing something to make her and my sister laugh, Ariah seemed to be aware of that and she would continue the action to get more laughs. She's an entertainer like her crazy parents.

She has never hated a bath. She loves to splash and she doesn't mind water dribbling in her eyes. We got 7 Peaks passes, so I'm excited to take her and see what she thinks.