Thursday, May 22, 2008

Muse Music Performance

Last night we opened for an evening of bands at Muse Music in Provo. We had found out about this concert only hours before, so after a rushed, inadequate rehearsal, we were all a little nervous. As we drove to the fateful event, even more daunting was the vision of a long line of people waiting to buy tickets just outside of Muse Music. Later we realized that these people were waiting to get into the Velour, the concert hall next door to Muse Music, where, I guess, the better bands were performing. In actuality, there were only a handful of people who heard us perform, and most of them were other bands, waiting for their turn.

Someday, perhaps, the world will recognize the brilliance of all the underdog artists out there, but in the mean time, we underdog artists will continue to perform for each other, wishing there's someone who actually cares in the audience, waiting for a fat rich guy to approach us with a contract and check book. Not that we covet fame and fortune. We're all about art for art's sake. But then, it sure would be nice if such art were being admired by a crowd of screaming fans, one of them, perhaps, being a fat, rich guy with a contract and check book.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gashlaria: Our Puppet Band

Recently we've combined the forces of our band and puppet troupe to create a totally awesome Puppet Rock Band. We've had one show so far altogether at the American Fork Library and we even made it in the Daily Herald. Here's the article:

Freddy as Dorf

Childrens' Book Week was kicked off on Monday as puppeteers entertained a crowd of children and parents in the Keith Christeson Theater at the Pleasant Grove Library. Approximately 60 people watched as the entertaining group Gashlaria performed storytelling and then a musical puppet show. Gashlaria, comprised of Steve Gashler, Teresa Gashler, Freddy Desposorio, Curtis Wiederhold and Heather Peavler, is a former band from Provo who decided to incorporate music and puppets together. "We've invented the first rock band-puppet show that we know of," said Steve Gashler. The show, titled "Pythagorea and the Gnome," included a funny story, several different characters, including a villainous lawn gnome, and music.

We'll keep you posted on our upcoming shows, but for now check out our awesome website: . It's still under construction, so keep checking and we'll keep updating.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby's Gender

We had our ultrasound on cinco de mayo. Our ultrasound session was so awesome! The lady performing it was very descriptive as to the happenings of our baby. She showed me that the little random twitching I have felt is indeed baby kicking.

After making sure baby looked ok, we looked for the gender. It looks pretty positive that it's going to be a lassie, a dudette, a girl :D

She is due for Sept. 17th, so today marks the 4 month countdown!