Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swingin' and Slidin'

We live very close to Pioneer park and have taken Ariah there a few times. This was the first time that she actually enjoyed going down the slide.

More birthday

We had a double celebration at the Peavler's house for Heather and Ariah.

I can remember when I was doing this with Miss Heather!

Ariah just loves wearing bibs. Just as much as she loves wearing bows.

Heather got a swanky camera in this hip Hawaiian bag.

She can feed herself with a spoon (sorta).
Ariah got a cute little shopping cart from my parents that she likes to walk around with. Yay for birthdays.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Babe is 1

I can't believe it's been a whole year! At the same time, looking back at her newborn pictures, it's hard to remember what that baby was like.

She got some darling clothes, a baby (giving babies to babies...), a pop-up book, a singing bear, a balloon, giant legos, a shopping cart, and a cute turtle that you put shaped blocks into. She was intensely intrigued by opening the presents, as you can see in the picture above. Talia was more than eager to help open and play with the presents.

I wanted to do something cute but simple with cupcakes, so here it is.

We love you Ri! Many more happy years to come.

Many thanks to Heather for being the photographer :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Looking for Dinosaurs

We were feeling adventurous and wanted to go searching for dinosaur remains. We went in agroup, but we disagreed on searching tactics, so we decided to divide and conquer.

Ariah's tactics were to ignore any written clues and work completely hands on. Any time I stopped to read something, she reminded me her opinion on that method.

This is us touching fossilized ripples.

Ariah kept reminding me that this was serious business, but I couldn't help and try to loosen her up. She was working really hard brushing up sand.

Meanwhile, Steve and Eric found the miniature breed of dinosaurs. Instead of thoroughly studying them, they wanted to reenact history, sounds and everything.

Will and Katherine did some deep searching for our prehistoric friends, but had no luck for a while. Finally, they decided to try a traditional raptor mating call along with the necessary claw gestures. Unfortunately for them, it was a little too successful.

After minutes of brushing away sand, I realized that Ariah had more interest in the sand than finding bones. She even had a taste when I wasn't looking. That's the last time I choose to have a baby on my team when doing serious paleontology work! Except she was very cute.

Through his investigation, Eric found a never discovered species of dinosaur. By holding onto the creature's nose in this fashion, he was able to keep it still long enough for a picture. This is the picture that would make him millions....

...if only he had learned something valuable from documentaries like Jurassic Park or King Kong. Not only did he find the same raptor that took Will and Katherine, he insisted that one picture was not enough. Poor Eric. We will use the money from these valuable pictures to buy a Wii in his honor.

Ariah discovered some ancient hieroglyphics. They translated saying it was too scary to look for real dinosaurs. So we decided to end our adventuring...

And just pretend to be scary dinosaurs ourselves. A lot safer that way. The End.