Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation: Part I

We were blessed to spend time with both families for Thanksgiving. For the first part of the week, we hung out with my family at Disneyland. Before the trip, Steve pretended to be a Scrooge about it to my little 11 year old sister Heather. Then he surprised her with this:

It was a blast hanging out with my family. Every member is just so fun. Our family is a screaming noisy family meanwhile Steve's is the opposite, so Steve had to live with it.

My cute parents

The whole Peavler clan


I'm making a kissy face if you were wondering.

I wanted to enlarge just our family, but it's really bad quality. Yes, I'm making faces again. Meanwhile Steve is completely relaxed.

Steve loves Merry Go Rounds.

This clip demonstrates the difference between Steves and Teresas.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Steve's manliness and loss thereof

Steve was the essence of manly today. You can tell by his beautiful long hair, which gives him his strength.

Fixing bathroom sink.

Insert Tim Allen grunt.

Eating a manly hamburger and drinking manly chocolate milk.

Alas, every Samson has his Delilah...