Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our summer in a somewhat large nutshell

These past couple of months have been really crazy for us. Here's what happened in a nutshell:

1)We were both involved with New Play Project's show Mixed Up. I wrote a play called "The Man Who Cried Woof" and Steve acted in it. It took 2nd place :) I acted in a mini musical called "Gotta Be Happy" by Lyvia Martinez. Steve directed it. That took 1st place :) We will place a link on this blog to the recorded shows in case you want to see them for yourself.

2)We've been job hunting, as the business gives us jobs in waves. Steve got a job as a web design teacher at Maeser Preparatory Academy and as a freelance web designer through Heritage Web Solutions. Woo-hoo! And, the business has picked up a few big jobs. I'm going back to work at the library tomorrow. Steady income = relief.

3)I am wanting to finish my degree at BYU. The problems have been a)choosing a degree and b)being able to register for classes due to holds on my account. I have "decided" to be a Theater Studies major, though I'm still having second thoughts. It took me forever to get my registration woes taken care of, but I have finally figured out who to talk to and who NOT to talk to in BYU Collections and Financial Aid. Some people told me my case was hopeless. I finally found a guy a couple of days ago who actually wanted to help me. I am forever grateful for him.

4)Ariah was in the 4th of July parade for getting 1st place in the baby contest. As I walked, I tried to get her to wave and smile, but she decided she would rather arch her back and cry. I'm pretty sure the spectators were wondering how on earth she won. We got to go see Stadium of Fire. I was quoted in the newspaper about it.

5)Steve wrote me a very fun song for my 22nd b-day. He wanted to plan something more elaborate, but I told him before my b-day that we are too poor and didn't have time for anything elaborate. The song was an amazing gift. I couldn't ask for more.

6)My parents gave me a season pass to 7 Peaks for my b-day, so this whole summer we've been having a lot of fun there. Ariah's favorite thing to do it splash like crazy - making it hard for her and the victim holding her to see. Steve got me to go down all the scary slides I said I would never go on :) Now I'm queen of the world.

And now, pictures.

One day we ran out of diapers and didn't have money to buy any, so I made a diaper out of a towel. You can imagine how well that worked. Luckily, we got a paycheck the next day.

Ariah is hard to keep up with! She is on the verge of walking and is into EVERYTHING. So, I try hard to keep her entertained. We like to pull her around in this basket. She finds joy in it, though her facial expression doesn't seem to show that.

She won't wear bows! I was lucky to get this picture. As soon as I put them in, she takes them out :( Sad day.

She's eating solid foods. She does not like to eat baby food. She wants what we're eating. Even if it makes a face, she wants more. She just wants to be like us.

I can't get enough sleeping pictures of her.

If you read through that whole thing, you are awesome. Go reward yourself with a candy bar or a cookie.