Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're still hip happening.

We've been silly and haven't really taken pictures of ourselves lately. We have some pictures on Steve's cell, but haven't figured out how and if we can get them up here. If anyone has an insight, please share.

Our anniversary, though it was technically December 23rd, was celebrated throughout the course of many days. We went rock climbing at the Quarry and to the Cheesecake Factory. It was my (Teresa) first experience rock climbing, so I was pretty nervous at first. Soon I got the hang of it and we had a blast. The cheesecake factory was fun too. The cheesecake was amazing! The pictures are on Steve's phone, so they might show up later.

We spent Christmas at the Peavler residence. We were greatly spoiled by both our families. Maybe someone took pictures...

Other than that we've been really trying to get our business rolling with lots of advertising and telemarketing. Not so fun, but very necessary. You can see our website at http://www.gashlermedia.com .

For all you couples out there we are also putting together what we call the Venus-Mars Pageant. This is like Miss America except much more fun and instead of being just for girls, couples compete together. The events thus far are:
1. 1 - 3 minute videos for each couple.
2. Opening dance number (everyone)
3. Individual couple dance numbers
4. Talents
5. The scenario (a hilarious role-played game-show-like situation that will test the couple's ability to cope with stress and work together)
6. Spacesuit contest
7. Question and answers (similar in concept to the dating game or other match-making shows)

This is going to happen March 1st in Provo. If you want to compete or help, or just come and see for a good time, please let us know!