Sunday, December 13, 2009

Future home ideas

Steve and I got to go to a home show here in Provo, thanks to Steve's aunt Carol. The houses were absolutely stunning. They all knew how to use space and color very well.

At first, I admit I was feeling negative feelings towards "the rich". Some things seemed so frivolous and overly ornate at first. But as we went through, I felt like I was starting to get to know the people who lived there, and my feelings completely changed.

The most amazing house was the Peay house, which is owned by a widowed woman. She has family pictures everywhere, and we could tell that she hosts people at her house all the time. She served a mission by herself and returned just earlier this year.

Another house that caught my attention was one with a young family. It was fun, because the family was there and the little kids gave us a tour. I was greatly impressed because they were so friendly and kind. Of course it was clean for the house show, but I noticed that they had a good organizing system for a family with 5 little kids.

I don't know much more about any of them, but Steve and I left feeling edified. I strongly believe many, if not all of these "rich people" share and give as much as they can.

I was tempted to take tons of pictures, but I decided to just take a few of ideas that could be practical to incorporate into our future home. Ok, you may argue that some aren't that practical...

I thought these curtains were cute, but after I took the picture, Steve said he didn't like them. Oh well.

Gift wrapping station! A must!

I love nooks! I'm not sure if Steve is a fan, but I just love them!

My dad actually made a play house into the wall similar to this one. I totally want to do this for our kids.

Brilliant organization!

A telephone booth! Ok, not so practical, but I think it's awesome.

This was taken in a gym room, with mirrors all across. We both agreed we'd love a room like this.


Laurie said...

Okay, I'm so glad someone else does this! As a matter of fact, I'm going to blog about this. I just decided.

Stephen Stacey said...

While your coming up with future home ideas, why don't you include some ideas for the home of the future? I think some ideas concerning robots and implausible technologies like antigravity and teleporters would be nice.