Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free tickets in exchange for your help

For The Bent Sword Musical, running from November 4th through
November 15th at the Provo Theater,
we're looking for many props and costumes that could work for a
medieval theme. If you have any of the following and would be willing to
lend them to our show (a non-profit, student-funded production that
really needs your help), please let us know, and if we can put your
item(s) to use, we will happily give you a free ticket to the opening
night of our show for each lended item. It's a great cause, a great
reward, and it will be great fun. Here's what we need:


  • swords
  • spears
  • helmets
  • shields
  • armor (chain, plate, leather, etc.)
  • rustic or shiny five-pointed stars
  • a bendable sword
  • large leathery book
  • medieval-looking books
  • wooden or leather box
  • parchment / old paper
  • quill and ink
  • golden comb
  • barrels
  • baskets
  • satchels or bags
  • fake rocks
  • plates
  • cups
  • stocks (you know, for torturing people)
  • shackles
  • fancy tablecloth
  • bow and arrows
  • money purses
  • crib
  • drapes
  • dice
  • flags / tapestries

  • medieval-looking trumpets or horns


  • wizard hats
  • nun robe
  • monk robes
  • male shirts / blouses
  • female shirts / blouses
  • tunics
  • dresses / skirts

  • crowns
  • aprons
  • boots
  • shawls
  • scarfs
  • sashes
  • vests
  • coats
  • kerchiefs
  • football shoulder pads


DeeDee said...

You should come over and look through what I have. You know we love costumes at our house.